three wooden crates


Trip Summary

Name: Wrong Way Round Iceland
Destination: Hell (and back)
Distance: 1,650 kms (1,030 miles)
Vehicles: Yamaha Townmate 80cc

Trip Diary

To Hell and back
Three wooden crates
Just the one round then
Bjork hitches a ride
Charles strikes again
Not missing much
Hell is lukewarm
A 500km detour
A pub with a silver lining
Reunited in Reykjavik

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Three wooden crates

With some more assistance from the shippers we sourced some pallets and bought some plywood to make the enclosures. Up until this point the only assurance we had that two bikes would fit on a pallet was a picture of Charles stood in a field with a bike on it’s end next to a mocked up version of a pallet. It was the equivalent of relying on a photo of an Austin Metro to build Bloodhound.

In blissful ignorance we set aside a weekend for packing and shipping. All we had to do was get all the bikes in one location. Not so easy when one of the bikes was a few thousand miles away.

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