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More haste. Even less speed.
Midway in to the trip and certain patterns were beginning to emerge. First the daily drenching from the monsoon rains. Read more.
The Highway Code has left the building
The Indians had at least attempted some road safety measures, albeit unsuccessfully. The placing of speed bumps coming in to Read more.
A five rupee coin and a packet of gum.
There is a one hundred kilometre stretch of (almost) road between Hassan and Mangalore referred to locally as “the road Read more.
Walkie Talkies. Brilliant. When Turned On.
A roadside breakdown is never a welcome experience, least of all when it’s raining so hard, it’s painful to stand Read more.
Any further south and we’ll be meeting penguins.
Our journey had so far taken us through frenzied city streets, dusty villages and  coastal tracks. As we pushed on Read more.
Does your monkey speak Tamil?
Kerala was high on our list of expectations and didn’t disappoint. The landscape had changed to lush green plantations, and Read more.
Beware the “bum gun”
Everyone dreads the infamous “Delhi belly”. Despite being over 2,500 kms away, Delhi still seemed to be exercising its influence. As Read more.
Missed the bus. Phew.
In the darkness of the interior you could just make out the fidgeting silhouettes. It was 4am, and we were Read more.
Seize the day, not the engine.
A group of young lads on squeaky bicycles marveled at the bikes parked up as we ate lunch in a Read more.
Lets not meet in a dark alley.
Six weeks before the trip we’d received an email “This is Moto Clube Faro – we are interested in your Read more.
When all is lost, turn to Jesus.
If proof were needed that you can’t take a moped that’s been festering in a back garden for years, chop Read more.
It could get messy. Send in Jenny.
Once again we found ourselves making an impromptu stop by the side of the road. Greg was complaining that his Read more.