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The Bike of Shame
The world’s greatest adventurers have a lot in common. Meticulous preparation, determination, and careful use of available resources. This is Read more.
Desert Storm (in a teacup)
There was quite a lot of debate at the PGM (Pub General Meeting) about whether to attempt another “Wrong Way Read more.
Bordering on the ridiculous
As a rule, it is never a good idea to enter a country illegally. The last time we had to Read more.
Why are roubles coming out of the wall?
Moldova. We’d all been looking forward to Moldova. It’s not that we knew much about the place. Most people have Read more.
Man with big hat says “No”
All great adventures have their highs and lows. Moments of jubilation and moments of utter despair. It may not seem Read more.
A road only a Dictator could build.
Ever since we tried to reach the Tranfagarasan pass in the Car Trek mission back in 2008, we’ve failed to Read more.
The 5th rider of the Apocalypse
So far we had witnessed a lack of preparation rivalled only by the last time we went on a trip. Read more.
The truth about Nick’s bike.
Arriving at our digs in Dresden we unloaded all the crap out of the van, trying to ignore the mad Read more.
In search of Suzi Perry
Even though we’d had eight months preparation for the trip, Oz still felt the need to send a strongly worded Read more.
Sponsors and Showbiz
It was very kind of the NEC to time the Motorcycle Show to coincide with the launch of the Wrong Read more.
C90 Vs T80 – The Verdict
After weeks of frantic searching I finally got my hands on that most elusive of beasts, the Yamaha T80. By Read more.
Safety on roads is safe tea at home.
Goa as you no doubt know, is a favoured hang out for dreadlocked die-hard hippies who say “cosmic” far too Read more.