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Ok so we've all seen the "Long Way Round". This was an epic bike trip involving a quite good actor and his unknown actor mate, who is now a well known mate, though still not a good actor. They conquered the "Road of Bones" on state of the art BMW motorcycles. We couldn't beat that, but we could certainly out-crap it, which is why we chose to attempt their 18,000km trip on the machine that is to off-roading what syphillis is to romance, the Yamaha Townmate.

The writing should have been on the wall with Charlie only passing his bike test a month before we left and Nick's bike only passing it's MOT at the 3rd attempt but we would not be deterred. If only someone had warned us it was not a good idea to enter Transnistria illegally...

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Honda C90 Vs Yamaha T80. The verdict dd                        The long awaited death match finally takes place...

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Off Road Training - part #1.                                        Pushing bikes and riders to the limit in a field...

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Long Way Round Vs Wrong Way Round                       Charley Boorman advises on the importance of a clean nob

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Assen, Dutch Police and the search for Suzi Perry...          Or how to completely ruin a first date...

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The truth comes flooding out                                              In hindsight, giving Nick a bike worth 30 quid was a mistake

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The 4th rider of the Apocalypse                                         Otherwise known as the episode where things go tits up

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Withering Heights                                                              Moped Vs Mountain. The Transfagarasan Higway beckons...

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Ups, downs and round and rounds...                               Passports = check, Visas = Check, Logbooks = err, um...

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Where the hell is Transnistria?                                      And why won't they let us out??!!!

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Bordering on the ridiculous ddd                                     The perils of entering a country via a field...

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