If we were a whisky, we’d be mature.

But we’re not. And it’s not looking like it’s a phase we’re growing out of either. Extreme Trifle have made it to the ripe old age of ten. It really is that long ago that we first headed off to the Sahara in a haze of optimism, blind ignorance and oil smoke.

doofus01blogIt’s particularly fitting that the symbol of a tenth anniversary is TIN, for it was ten years ago that a tin of custard formed the base ingredient of an emergency food ration which would later become known as the “Extreme Trifle”.  It was an empty tin of beans that served as an emergency exhaust joint on our first ever banger rally car – a 1972 Hillman Hunter – a repair that was still intact even when the entire exhaust itself had parted company with the car.

Since then, tins have variously featured in Extreme Trifle expeditions most notably when Matt Adams decided to pack 48 tins of Heinz “Red Hot Balls” for the Wrong Way Round.  In celebration of a decade of Trifling we’ve gone bonkers with the budget and spent Friday beer money on a new website. When we say “new”, we’ve sort of filled in the holes on the old one and painted over it, much like our approach in preparing a vehicle for a rally.

Now then, we may be celebrating our Tin anniversary but Bond, James Bond, has just celebrated his Golden anniversary. Therefore it seems only fitting that we should combine such a Great British institution with the world’s most famous secret agent and make a road trip out of it. So we shall.

We arspongfinger_events_crope pleased to announce our headline trip for 2013, “Spongefinger“, based on the Bond novel that never quite made it in to production, along with other cutting room floor rejects such as Piefall, The Flan with the Golden Gun and Spoonraker.

It’s open to all-comers, i.e. anyone who’s yet to book their summer holiday and can’t think of anything better to do. It of course comes with the usual Extreme Trifle Terms and Conditions, of which there are none. Launch is in just 97 days, a few hours, and counting.

If you can’t wait that longIMG_4881blog then there might be some places available for Moped Mayhem, the premier motorsport event for riders who’ve finally given up on their dream of becoming a Moto GP star and are happy to go round in circles in a field on their nan’s moped.

Later in the year we’ll also be venturing into our first sea-based expedition with the launch of Bath Tub Armada. It’s unlikely the Queen will see us off with a bottle of champagne, it might damage the porcelain.

Here’s to the next ten years. What’s the symbol for a 20th anniversary? Is it two tins? Mmmm custard and beans…

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