Extreme Trifle Events Page

Welcome to the Hall of Shame. It’s all here. Everything we’ve ever attempted, failed, cocked up, and yet (on a surprising number of occasions) completed with nothing more than a grazed knee and some deportation orders.

So, whether you are trying to look busy in the office or are waiting for your date to arrive, why not relive a few of our disasters to pass the time. Or you could come and join us on the next one!

Extreme Trifle Events - Wrong Way Round Mongolia

The Wrong Way Round Mongolia. Sandstorm, thunderstorm, shitstorm. And that’s before leaving camp. Looks like those cracks are only going to get wider.

Extreme Trifle Events - Isle of Nan TT

The Isle of Nan TT. The only motorsport event where a fluid leak comes from the rider not the machine. When every pit stop could be their last it’s all out handbags.

Extreme Trifle Events - Wrong Way Round Sahara

Wrong Way Round Sahara. In 55 degrees of heat without water, weird things start to happen. In summary, the Sahara is hot.

Extreme Trifle Events - Monsoon Madness

Monsoon Madness. What will try and kill you first. The road conditions? Drowning? Why did the elephant cross the road?

Extreme Trifle Events - Wrong Way Round Himalaya

Wrong Way Round Himalaya. When riding a mountain track with a 4,000ft drop it’s not ideal to have a dizzy spell. Or a puncture.

Extreme Trifle Events - Spongefinger

Spongefinger. You can’t sugar-coat a bond villain. Or can you? This is Cold War served straight from the fridge

Extreme Trifle Events - Wrong Way Round

The Wrong Way Round. Exactly like the famous “Long Way Round” only shorter. Like a lot shorter. With better acting.

Extreme Trifle Events - Reliants to Russia

Reliants to Russia. At least that’s one less wheel to put in a pothole. Or one less wheel to prevent a big fat roly poly.

Extreme Trifle Events - Caucasian Invasion

Caucasian Invasion. Custard not war. Jelly not clusterbombs. We came in peace. We left in pieces.

Extreme Trifle Events - Cheesy Rider

Cheesy Rider. There’s never been a wilder bunch than the Hell’s Angel Delights. A tale of sex, drugs and cable ties.

Extreme Trifle Events - Rickshaw Rampage

Rickshaw Rampage. The original Indian sub-continent caper in motorised egg-shells. Keep going South until the land runs out.

Extreme Trifle Events - Red Bull Flug Tag

Red Bull Flug Tag. Magnificent men and woman in less than magnificent un-flying machines. Run, leap, plummet.

Extreme Trifle Events - Baltic Ice Rally

Baltic Ice Rally. It’s a car rally in the Baltics. On ice. In distinctly non-rally spec cars. Like a hearse for instance.

Extreme Trifle Events - Red Bull Soap Box Race

Red Bull Soap Box Race. Our entry was neither made of soap or boxes. At least we went in with a bang and out in style. We didn’t.

Extreme Trifle Events - Plymouth - Dakar Rally

The Plymouth – Dakar Rally. It left from Portsmouth and never went to Dakar. The original, grand daddy of banger rallies.

Extreme Trifle Events - Ring Sting

Ring Sting. The ring as in Nurburgring. The sting as in the sensation you get when petrol spills on your gentleman parts.

Extreme Trifle Events - Pizzas to Palermo

Pizzas to Palermo. A foolhardy attempt to teach the Italians about pizza and moped riding. We came back suitably chastised.