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The Meaning of Life
Chris Evans knows a thing or two about off-road motorcycling. Not that Chris Evans. As well as being the UK Read more.
To Hell and back
Who knew planning a trip to Hell and back would be like a trip to Hell and back? It all Read more.
In search of the Mongolian Clusterfuck
The Urban Dictionary gives various definitions for the Mongolian Clusterfuck: A generally futile attempt to solve a problem by throwing Read more.
Isle of Nan TT: Closer to the Hedge
Us: “Can we order some puddings please” Waitress: “Yes of course, but first the Police are waiting for you in Read more.
If you can’t beat ’em. Have lunch.
The last time we decided to go moped endurance racing we held up the event for an hour while one Read more.
What would Bear Grylls do?
To most people the French Foreign Legion conjures up images of men with rifles trudging up sand dunes. It was Read more.
Sun block. Inflatable guitars. Check.
When planning an adventure there is a lot to be said for items of luggage which have no practical use Read more.
It’s definitely left. Or right.
A wrong turn is rarely more than an inconvenience. In the Sahara it’s the difference between reaching your destination or Read more.
Up the creek without a pump
In hindsight, following a route that all the locals said was impossible was a bit daft. We have a habit Read more.
It’s scorching. Let’s do coffee.
After the cess pit of a campsite and the 400km ride the day before, it was a welcome treat to Read more.
That is not a tyre lever
We had now left the relative tranquility of the Mediterranean coast and began heading inland towards the Middle Atlas mountains. Read more.
Two Wrongs Make a Wrong
Calling a trip the “Wrong Way Round” was always tempting fate. About the only thing we got right was the Read more.