When drunken pub chat becomes reality

When drunken pub chat becomes reality

Announcement Date: August 7, 2017

If Extreme Trifle had been founded many centuries ago then the history of human exploration would have taken a very different course. Christopher Columbus would have drowned having barely left port, Neil Armstrong would have fallen off the moon and Marco Polo would never have invented the mint.

Today, we like to uphhold the spirit of those pioneers while trying not to hold up the traffic. The secret to our trimphant failures are closely guarded but look something like this:

  • A budget so small a shoestring would be an indulgence
  • Never ever give up unless it’s a bit cold or the pub is about to shut

It’s fair to say that when the Founders meet at the Pub General Meeting (PGM), the stuff we discuss usually happens, no matter how daft. There are some reservations however about the proposal to be the first humans on Mars, expecially as the proposed space vehicle was a hollowed out water melon. But then again…